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Need a Lump Sum of Cash for Your Private Mortgage Note, Annuity, or Other Cash Flow Obligation?

At W. F. Mohr Financial, our professionals will work closely with you when the need for fast cash arises.  For those holding private mortgage notes from the sale of their previous residence and needing an immediate lump sum of capital, W. F. Mohr Financial can either purchase outright or assist you with the partial sale of your mortgage note or its income stream and provide you with ready cash when needs arise such as...

educational expenses and tuitions
attractive business opportunities
alternative investment vehicles
purchase of a new home
estate planning and distributions
dream vacations and exotic travel
divorce and spousal separation
job loss or other financial emergencies
unforeseen medical emergencies

Providing You With the Cash You Need, When You Need It Most.....

In addition to our expertise in providing private mortgage note solutions, W. F. Mohr Financial can also assist you in the sale of your owner-financed business note or in receiving lump sum distributions for your structured settlement, annuity, or lottery award. 

Receive a lump sum for the complete or partial purchase of your Lottery or Gaming Annuity payment stream through our national network of note buyers.

Sell your Owner-Financed Business Note and receive a lump sum or partial distribution through our national network of business note buyers. Receive a lump sum for the complete or partial purchase of your Structured Settlement or other Annuity income stream through our national network of annuity buyers.